*When was the last time the locks where changed/rekeyed on your business?

*Do you know about high-security keys and lock cylinders?

*Has your business been burglarized?

*Do you have many employees that have access to the business keys?

*Are the locks still keyed the same as when you moved in?

*Do any resigned/terminated employees still have a key to the business?

*Have you or any employee ever lost your keys or lent them to anyone?

*Have you ever thought about installing an access control system?

*Would you like to know the cost to rekey your business?

*Parker Security & Locksmith Service will provide you with a free estimate.


Rekeying is a fast and affordable solution for any office or business.  It allows you to operate all door locks by rekeying them alike without replacing your existing locking hardware.

Master key system allows you to control a large number of locks that 
are keyed differently with one master key that operate all locks.  This system provides you the ability to control the access to various levels within your commercial facilities.
Access Control Systems allow key-less entry into the building.  You will also be able to audit when each employee comes and goes from the facility.
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