U-Traq GPS Tracking Solution

 Affordable monthly tracking solutions are now available.  Give us a call and we will give you the details. 
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GPS Tracking Solution?

Plugs into the vehicles OBD port
U-Traq Pro - Hard-wired for additional security
This small vehicle-powered GPS device simply plugs into the OBD port found on the bottom edge of the dashboard, of most vehicles manufactured since 1996, eliminating installation challenges found in traditional tracking devices. It can also be switched between vehicles to provide the ultimate in flexibility.  A hard-wired GPS Tracking system is also available, the U-Traq Pro. 

All you need is an internet-enabled computer or phone to track your vehicle.

•Locate or monitor teen and elderly drivers for enhanced peace of mind

•Locate and recover missing vehicles

•Manage company vehicles and employees more efficiently

•Monitor for unauthorized use of vehicles

•Basic monitoring and Advanced monitoring plans available

•Email or text alerts sent when a vehicle exceeds a user-defined speed limit

•Ability to establish multiple "Alert Zones" to trigger alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a defined area

•Engine ON and Off reports

•60 day history report

Give us a call and we will help you with any pricing questions you may have.

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